Club Highlight: Model United Nations

Check out this interview we did with Model UN, a super cool organization on campus with a focus on learning and debate! Featuring Jason Woo and Jeremy Gonzaga!

Beverly: What does Model UN do?
Jason: Not many people know what Model UN does. We’ve been asked if we’re a modeling agency before. We are an academic simulation of the UN. We travel to and host conferences in which delegates take on roles and discuss topics and actions that can be taken to resolve problems.

Beverly: Is it for people who want to go into politics?
Jason: Not at all. It’s a good steppingstone for that kind of thing but our president is a mechanical engineering major. It’s for everyone.

Beverly: Is there an application process?
Jason: There are no memberships. You need to show up to our mandatory meetings. If you want to staff our conferences, our applications go out first week of Winter Quarter each year.

Beverly: What’s the difference between being a member and being a staff member?
Jason: Being a member means you can just come to meetings but if you’re staff you come to meeting an extra hour a week and we train you. No prior experience needed.

Beverly: When are meetings?
Jason: Every week, Tuesday in Humanities room 169 at 6pm.

Beverly: Do you guys have a way people can reach you?
Jason: We have a Facebook page which is Model UN and a website which is You can also access our Facebook through the website.

Beverly: What is travel team?
Jason: You get to go out to other college conferences and be a delegate yourself. We totally subsidize hotel and airfare. It’s really cool! This year we went to Georgetown. We will be going to Berkeley and the University of Chicago. Next year we are thinking of going to USC because they are thinking about starting a Model UN over there!

Beverly: Favorite event?
Jason: Bruin MUN. It’s a high school event where thousands of high school kids come in and we just get to see them grow into wonderful students. It’s a huge conference.

Beverly: Did you guys live on the Hill at any point? How was it?
Jason: I lived in Hitch Suites. Horrible. Walking all the way up there.
Jeremy: I lived in Saxon. Similar experience but a bit closer to campus.

Beverly: Favorite dining hall?
Jason: I frequented 1919 and BCafe because I didn’t really like the dining halls but if I had to choose, Covel.
Jeremy: Covel, because they are the only dining hall that goes to 9pm.

Interview by Beverly Okhio

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