11 Pet Costumes That Will Get You Excited For Halloween


With Halloween just around the corner, here are 11 animal costume gifs that are sure to brighten your day!

1. This dog who has grown another face.
giphy (1)
Via giphy.com

2. Be careful, this kitty may just cast a spell on you with its cuteness.
giphy (6)
Via giphy.com

3. Lassie 2.0 now has the ability to fight fires!
giphy (2)
Via giphy.com

4. NASA’s most recent development…
giphy (10)
Via giphy.com

giphy (3)
Via giphy.com

6. So simple it’s brilliant.
giphy (5)
Via giphy.com

7. If only this cat came with the hypnotic voice of Antonio Banderas…
giphy (8)
Via giphy.com

8. This kitten is equal parts ferocious and adorable.
giphy (11)
Via giphy.com

9. I think this cat is dressed up as the internet.  Talk about meta…
giphy (12)
Via giphy.com

10. This dog has his game face on.
giphy (4)
Via giphy.com

11. And last but most definitely not least, this cat that doesn’t understand gravity.
giphy (13)
Via giphy.com


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