Creepy Halloween Nails


Halloween is a mere few days away, and we hope you already have your costumes figured out! To add on to the creepiness, we found a few really scary nail designs you can try. Happy experimenting!

1. Rotting Nails


Even if you decide to show up in a T-shirt and shorts combination, making your nails look thisĀ rotten will still make you win the Scariest Costume category. Check out a tutorial here.

2. Blood Splattered Nails

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 4.13.07 PM

If you want scary looking nails but don’t really want to put in too much effort, try this blood splattered nail design. You can literally just grab a red sharpie and make random marks on your nails and hands, but if you want a more ‘splattered’ look, you can use a straw, dab with a bit of red nail polish and blow it on your nails. Bam. Blood everywhere.

3. Dripping Blood Nails


If you want something cool but not too gory, opt for this dripping blood nail design. A quick and simple tutorial here.

4. Eye Ball Nails

photo 4

This is for those of you who like procrastinating by doing your nails. Or better still, get a friend to give you a spooky manicure. This nail design will make your friends’ eyes pop in fear. Tutorial here.

Have a safe Halloween everyone!




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