Interview with Sam Norton: Rieber Hall President


Sam Norton is the president of Rieber Hall here at UCLA. He is a second year whose passion for his community is not only admirable, but inspiring. On the Hill sat down with Sam for an exclusive interview below:

OTH: What is your favorite dining hall on the hill? Food?
Sam: B-Plate of course. I love the Pepato Piatto from 1919 though.

OTH: What is your favorite memory from living on the hill so far?
Sam: My favorite memory is meeting my ORL staff for the first time and being able to see all the personalities and diversity of the people I would be working with for a year.

OTH: How did you get to be Rieber Hall president? What do you do?
Sam: I had a close relationship with the previous years president so she kind of told me how to campaign and things. I just talked to everyone I knew to get my name out there.

OTH: How would you suggest kids get involved on the hill and in the student community?
Sam: If they don’t want a time commitment then becoming involved in floor government particularly being a Community Representative is a great way to get a little exposure. Then of course there’s the HGR (Hill Government Representative) positions that will take up your time but you get a huge amount of experience and it really is awesome.

OTH: Where are you from? What is your major and year?
Sam: I was born in West Point, New York, however I currently live in Victorville, CA. I am a 2nd year Neuroscience major.

OTH: What are you going to be for Halloween?
Sam: Haven’t really though about that one. Maybe the doctor from “Doctor Who”. (May we say, nice choice).

OTH: Do you have a celebrity crush?
Sam: My celebrity Crush has to be Anna Kendrick. I fell in love with her eyes and her smile in 50/50 and even more when I found out she could sing from Pitch Perfect.

OTH: Boxers or briefs?
Sam: Boxer Briefs.

OTH: Who do you listen to more, Tyga or E40?
Sam: Sorry Nor Cal…Tyga

OTH: What makes Rieber Hall special?
Sam: How theme communities and the large diversity we have here from 1st and 2nd year students to international and multiracial students.

OTH: What is your favorite movie?
Sam: I don’t really have a favorite movie, more like a top 5 list of films that are equally amazing. But Donnie Darko Directors Cut is incredible.


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