Spring Break Meal Options

spreak_break_on_campus_meal_options-01 (1)

Welcome to spring break! WOO! YOU’RE AT THE BEST POSSIBLE PLACE YOU CAN BE THIS WEEK. ON CAMPUS. Just kidding. Now, if this is your first spring break here, you will know that there are actually no meals offered here during the break by the dining halls.

Therefore, to keep you from scavenging for food, we’ve come up with some cheap alternatives for you instead.

1. Instant noodles

These are great, especially if you have a lot of swipes left. Act now. Use them to get instant noodles that they offer towards the end of finals week! That way, you can use your swipes (technically, but not really).

2. Ralphs/Trader Joes/Whole Foods

Go to one of these local grocery stores and pick yourself up some instant food, like the whole roasted chickens that they have.

3. Your Friendly Neighborhood Restaurants

Surprise! They’re all open. Eat where ever you want! I personally recommend trying out some new places, because it’s spring break.

Here are your options! Scope ’em out!


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