How to Join New Clubs


You’re looking for something to get involved with. You’ve asked around, and your friends have all pointed out the popular options: Dance Marathon, Spring Sing, SAA, CAC, CEC, fraternities/sororities, Unicamp/Camp Kesem/Bruin Woods, UCLA tours, a cultural organization, and you’re either not interested or the deadline to sign up has passed. If you haven’t heard of one of these organizations, check ’em out! You could be eligible to apply. However, assuming that you’ve gone through all of the above options, here’s a way you can figure out what to join:

1. Check out this website

Click the by categories button they have on the right side of the page and simply go through the categories of organizations you’re interested in.

2. Keep a list by you and record the emails and names of the organizations.

You can try to look them up on Facebook and see if they have a group. If so, try to join or message one of the people there to find out more information!

3. If you can’t find the people/organization, try emailing the email you wrote down earlier.

See if you can find out when they have meetings and what they’re about.

4. If you still haven’t found something you’re particularly interested in after searching, check out UCLA rec.

They have a ton of classes such as yoga, meditation, surfing, boxing, etc. They’re cheap and offer great opportunities for meeting people also.

So there you go, get out there and get involved!


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