Overdone UCLA Instagram Posts


Instagram is a great social media platform to post your favorite photographic memories of UCLA. But on campus there are a few posts that are just plain played-out. Here’s On The Hill’s guide to the most overdone UCLA Instagram posts, so you can avoid them and use your account to get creative. Maybe wait a few hours and try a cool night-time photo.

1.) Royce Hall at Sunset

We get it. Royce Hall is a gorgeous red-brick building that is iconic of what UCLA is, that’s why you always see it plastered over all the university’s promotional materials. But it shouldn’t be also plastered all over your Instagram account. Being in front of Royce Hall at sunset should be a moment that is enjoyed and not necessarily photographed, filtered and posted.

2.) Bruin Bear Photos

The Bruin Bear is another symbol of campus known worldwide through UCLA’s commercials. Students and visitors alike enjoy climbing on the bear and rubbing a paw for good luck and while this is part of the quintessential UCLA experience, it’s far too common to make a good Instagram post. There exist plenty of other examples of public art on campus to post and celebrate.

3.) Janss Steps Fountain Photos

The fountain at the top of Janss Steps is scenic and calming, a perfect place to sit with a good book on a nice day with the sun streaming down and a cool drink and … Oh wait, you can’t just relax because some person is splashing around in the fountain trying to snap the perfect Instagram pic? Don’t be one of those people.

4.) Football Game Pictures

UCLA is a sports powerhouse with more than 100 national championships to its name and sports games are a major social event, especially in the 93,000-seat Rose Bowl. But if you’re not a sports fan, it’s a bit disingenuous to post yourself screaming your heart out for the team. A better pic might be of the exits when the game is over because the rush to leave is when the real competition starts.

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