A UCLA Boba Guide


So maybe you’re tired of Rendezvous boba, or maybe you like  it and want to try something new. That, or you’re a boba snob and you really want to know whether or not we have the same tastes in boba. I don’t know. The point is is that we’re gonna do a short little boba guide on all the places nearby you should definitely check out.

1. MJ’s Cafe and Teahouse (Sawtelle)

MJ’s Cafe originates from LA, but its origins are Taiwanese. It has a bunch of great food that is authentically Taiwan like its rice bowls (the beef tongue rice bowl is amazing if you’re adventurous). In addition to its food, its drinks are also absolutely phenomenal. Nothing is watery and every drink has its own distinctive sweet flavor. Their boba balls are chewy and soft and they have a bunch of other toppings you can try out if you don’t like boba. Check ’em out. They’re number one for a reason.

2. Coco’s (Sawtelle/Westwood)

Coco’s is a huge Taiwanese chain that is incredibly profitable in Taiwan. They have an amazing milk tea that blows any other milk teas out of the water on this list. BUT, their drinks are smaller than MJ’s and they don’t have any food of note. For that reason, they are number two.

3. Koala Tapioca (Westwood)

Koala Tapioca is Bruin run and a great place to grab a drink and study for a few hours. It also has a lot of food and snacks that are more Americanized (like their special fries) that you can munch on. MJ’s and Coco’s are not as student-friendly as Koala Tea because they’re not a place meant for you to sit down and study, so it depends on what you’re looking for.

4. Volcano TeaHouse (Sawtelle)

Lots and lots of fundraisers happen through Volcano Teahouse. They’re pretty good also. Their milk tea has a more chocolately after-taste than the others. It’s a bit different. As for their fruity drinks, Volcano can definitely do better compared to MJs or Cocos above.

5. Lollicup (Sawtelle)

Lollicup has been around for a long time (since 2000 in San Gabriel). They have food and drinks and are always a good, safe bet for a boba newbie. Check em out.

So get out there and try these places out! Let us know if there are places we should’ve mentioned!

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