Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions


Things change fast in the internet world.

Google Chrome has become the most-widely used internet browser across the globe since its inception only seven years ago, beating out old standbys like Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox. Part of this has to do with speed, part of this has to do with ease-of-use and part of this has to do with the unique extensions that make web browsing quicker, easier and more efficient. Here’s a breakdown of some of the must-have Google Chrome extensions for surfing the web. Click the name for a link to download the extension.

  1. AdBlock Plus

This extension makes watching Youtube videos and visiting pop-up prone websites a breeze by blocking advertisements on the page. Best of all it’s free. Tired of that pesky ad that always seems to pop-up when you click on a link on your favorite site? Or that same car commercial that plays before every cat video? Block it. The extension also allows easy temporary disabling for the sites that have gotten wise to the tool.

  1. StayFocusd

The central irony of the internet is that it is the greatest collection of the information in the world, yet so much of our time is spent on meaningless distractions. StayFocusd helps to keep you productive by blocking the sites that always seem to start calling when you’re supposed to be writing a paper or studying for a midterm. It is also customizable letting you choose which sites seem to be your own biggest personal time wasters.

  1. CiteThisForMe: Web Citer

So you’ve blocked the websites that stop you from writing your paper and blocked the ads that were keeping you from reading the sources and journal articles you were using for research. All there’s left now is to write and cite. While there’s no Chrome extension yet that will take the place of creative brainpower, the latter can be solved with a quick download. CiteThisForMe lets you cite any webpage in an array of different styles including MLA or Chicago with one click of the mouse.

  1. Pocket

One of the simplest yet most helpful extensions out in the market, Pocket basically works as a digital pouch allowing you to save web pages, articles and videos for later with one click. The extension then allows you to rummage around in its user-friendly layout to access that thing you stuck in your pocket even when you’re offline.

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