So You’ve Failed.. (or think you will)


You got your essay back. You got a C, or a D, or an F. Or I’m guessing you got your midterm back, and you got a B-. I don’t know. Everyone has different definitions of failing. The point is, in your mind, you’ve failed. What do you do? Let’s walk through your options.

Option 1: Bake (or buy) an apple pie. Bring it to office hours (while it’s hot) and beg your professor. Just kidding. But seriously. Go to office hours and see if there’s something you can work out with your professor to make up for your poor grade. Some professors are willing to give you extra credit assignments to help boost your grades. If s/he refuses, then at least, you’ll learn how to approach the class in a different manner that’ll work better for future exams or papers. Learn from your mistakes, folks! That’s what college is for.

Option 2: Relax. Consider your options. If you’ve faced difficult circumstances this quarter, talk to your academic counselor and see if you can perhaps drop the class or change grading basis. While it’s past the deadline to do either without a transcript notation, sometimes these options might be wiser when you have faced situations that challenged you from being on your top form this quarter. Talk to as many people as possible – everyone has valuable insights they’re willing to share with you! Many of us have been in this situation before, so asking around would enable you to understand your situation better.

Option 3: Accept that you did not do well in one class and move on. An important part of being an adult is learning to taking responsibility for your actions. Getting your first dose of failure at 18 tough, but it is going to be much better for you in the long run. You would rather make mistakes now rather than failing for the first time at age 30 during a major presentation. Many of us here at UCLA did extremely well in high school and are not used to getting a bad grade. However, it’s just part of the learning journey. College is hard, and UCLA is one of the top colleges in the nation so undoubtedly the coursework is challenging. Always be open to adjust your expectations and attitude towards learning so that you are able to learn from your mistakes.

So there you go, try these things out. See if they’ll work for you. We’ve certainly done it a million times. And don’t forget, Monte Bianco from 1919 is always there for you. We guarantee it’ll bring you instant happiness.

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