The Best Thanksgiving Leftover Creations


Excited for Thanksgiving this year?  We are too, but we are even more excited for Thanksgiving leftovers!  Here’s a list of the best Thanksgiving leftover creations you can make after the big feast:

Just pile everything that was on the table at Thanksgiving between two slices of bread and enjoy!  If you want to reach a new level of Thanksgiving-leftover-eating, soak a third slice of bread in leftover gravy and then put it in the sandwich!  Otherwise known as the “moistmaker” by “Friends” fans.


2. Mexican Chorizo and Turkey Chili
If you’re sick of everything tasting like mashed potatoes (WHO ARE YOU??) maybe try this Mexican twist on a classic American dinner!

3. Turkey Frittata
Or try this breakfast/Thanksgiving mashup (because this recipe has potatoes)!

4. Day-After Dip
Make this dip to go along with any of the above options and I’m pretty sure you’re set for life.  Also this recipe just has a really cool name.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


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