5 Reasons To Be Excited for the UCLA vs. USC Game


Not sure why you should be excited for this year’s UCLA vs. USC football game? Here are 5 reasons you should go out and show your Bruin pride!

1. You get to show this city who runs LA (at least in football).

giphy (1)
Via giphy.com

Even Taylor knows it’s true! And double clarified by Brett Hundley.


Via imgur

2. This will be USC’s face when they see how much better blue and gold looks compared to maroon. #gross

giphy (2)
FOX/Via giphy.com

And this will also be their expression when they realize we are kicking their butt for another year.

3. It’s what John Wooden would have done.

giphy (3)
Via giphy.com

It is also what he would have wanted you to do.

4. You can dance and do the 8 clap with Joe Bruin!


Because we all know Joe Bruin is infinitely cooler than that mascot from the other school across town. What is a Tommy Trojan anyway?

5. You can go to Diddy Riese after to celebrate the victory!

giphy (5)
Via giphy.com

Win or lose, Diddy Riese is always there for us. But who are we kidding, we are not going to break the winning streak. Now go have fun at the game! Remember to wear blue and gold and leave any reds at home. Duh.

Don’t forget to go for the Bonfire tomorrow as well!

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