The Absolute 3 Best Winter Drinks for your Holidays


Christmas is a cold time. How can we keep warm at this time?

1. Hot cocoa is da best. Sprinkle some soft marshmallows into the mug and watch as they melt into the chocolately goodness. Just imagine curling up on a couch in your ugly christmas sweater to a nice Christmas movie. For Christmas purposes, throw a candy cane in there for good measure.

2. Coffee is a main student staple. But how about trying some marshmallows in them too? Treat yourself to a white chocolate coffee this winter. Use it as a pick-me-up forĀ cold rainy days!

3. Butterbeer. The stuff of Harry Potter. If you are 21, try some beer, with some sugar and butter and you’ll have your own butterbeer. If you’re too lazy to make your own drink, you can head down to your local Starbucks and order this secret recipe. The beer will keep you warm this Christmas!

And that’s that! Bottoms up, everyone.

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