The 6 Best Upcoming Movie Releases This Quarter

Upcoming_Movie_Releases-01The Age of Adeline – Friday, April 24th 
Starring Blake Lively, Harrison Ford, and Michiel Huisman, watch Adeline’s story unfold as she leads a life of never ending youth. Okay yes, that’s an extremely cheesy synopsis, but let’s get real. Who doesn’t love Blake Lively? She’s not a terrible actor and she’s gorgeous, what more could we want. And even if you don’t like her, then just imagine Harrison Ford as Han Solo the whole time, and you’ll get a good laugh. Put it on your weekend to do list because Age of Adeline comes out THIS Friday!

Avengers : Age of Ultron – Friday, May 1st
Well here it is. The movie we’ve all been waiting 3 YEARS for! Honestly, what else is there to say about it? It’s the Avengers! Iron Man, Thor, Bruce Banner, Captain America, and Black Widow all tossed together into one film for the second time. It’s like a MARVELous dream.

Mad Max – Friday, May 15th
Tom Hardy is definitely an action fan favorite. From Warrior to The Dark Knight Rises, he has captured huge attention in the action world. Tom Hardy brings Max back to life in this new film based on the original 1979 Mad Max.

Pitch Perfect 2 – Friday May 15th 
Might be a guilty pleasure. Might even be a little awka-awkward to admit your desire to see this ridiculous sequel of one of the most ridiculous musical comedies of our little generation, but here it is, and you know you secretly want to. May 15th! Just in time to see it before crying over finals!

San Andreas – Friday May 29th
Because who doesn’t want to see a film about the San Andreas fault tearing apart life as we know it? It could be fun, after all, California is OUR territory.

Insidious : Chapter 3 – Friday June 5th 
Probably another typical horror movie, but it’s been a couple years since the last Insidious, so take a couple hours off your finals cramming and go have some fun.