How to Get Around LA Without a Car

Walking_Without_Car-01So you’re going to be in LA without a car. But you need to travel. What are you going to do? OTH’s found a few possibilities:

1. Bus it. Take the bus. Take the metro. Take whatever public transportation LA has to offer. We know it sucks, but sometimes that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Pro Tip: Did you know that UCLA Transportation offers discounted Metro and bus passes? Now you do.

2. Bike/board/etc. Sometimes your destination is reachable via bike; The bus takes a long way around and you can avoid traffic this way. Consider it.

3. Zipcar – this car-renting service is available on many college campuses. Though car rental services are usually reserved for 25 year olds, Zipcar allows 18 year olds to rent cars. The catch is is that you pay by the hour, so if you need it for an internship, you’d lose a lot of money because you’d be keeping the car at a parking lot somewhere. Zipcar is more about short trips such as going for a quick ice cream run with your friends. Still a great option for those of you without a car, in our opinion!

4. Lyft/Uber/Flywheel – You know what I’m talking about. All these taxi services that have come up lately make for a great way to get around the cities especially when you’re going out so you don’t need a designated driver or just need a ride. Google codes online! Most of them give you your first ride (almost) free.

We hope this helps you explore whatever LA has to offer! Enjoy.

by Jerry Cheung