Graduating Senior: Kendall Roth


This week, OTH got to sit down with one of our own who happens to be graduating this year!  We interviewed Kendall about her time at UCLA and how she enjoyed her time OTH.

What is your favorite memory of living On The Hill?

My favorite memory would have to be Freshman year living in Hitch Suites. On one of the 3 days of rain we actually get, my friends and I put all our mattresses in the living room and opened the windows so we could hear the rain while we layed on the floor and watched a movie.

What is your favorite dining hall?

My favorite dining hall is the Hedrick Test Kitchen for B-Plate.

What was your job at OTH?

I was a Still Photographer for OTH, so I would take photos for events going on around The Hill

What was the best part of working for OTH?

The best part was getting to shoot photos for a variety of different events and use camera gear and photo editing software that I had never used before. It was a great opportunity to learn some new skills.

What was the best class you ever took at UCLA?

I don’t know if I have a favorite, but Global Studies 1 taught by Prof. Burgos was a really fascinating class that taught me a lot about the ways that the world interconnects.

What are you going to do after graduation?

Im going to start work full time at Hewlett-Packard as a Strategic Development Analyst.

What advice do you have for other undergrads?

Make the most of everything UCLA has to offer. Join clubs, play sports and explore new things. Also take advantage of places like the career center before you leave. They can be amazingly helpful and you don’t get access to them forever!

Thanks for sitting with OTH!

by Laurie Goodman