How to Get Justin Bieber Haircuts


This is a guide for all of you out there that has decided you want to be GQ. Or you’ve simply decided that you’re tired of “keep it long on top and short on the sides”. The year’s over, and summer’s coming around; it’s time, you’ve decided, to get one of those cool Beckham cuts. More specifically, you want a pompadour or some variation of it. That or you want a fancy hairstyle that some male celebrity all your girl-friends rave about. So how do you do it?

1. Go to a good barber or talk with your friends to see what hairstyles are in right now. Consult with your barber to see which style best fits the shape of your face, facial features, personality, etc. The hairstyles that I see most right now are traditional ivy league crew cuts, spiked up styles, comb-overs, pompadours, and man buns (ranked in order of increasing length).

2. Keep it long on top and short on the sides. We’re serious. Get your sides shaved off to a length short enough that you can tolerate and continue to grow the hair on top of your head until it gets to about 2-3 inches. When your sides begin to get too puffy, take yourself to the barber and have them take your sides off. Have the barber check how long your hair’s getting and see if the style you’re looking for is achievable yet with the length you have. All of the more complex hairstyles that look really long can be styled to look pretty nice once you hit around 2.5 inches. Keep in mind that hair grows about 0.5 inches per month (your hair may grow faster or slower depending on genetics).

3. Having consulted with your hair stylist on how you’d like your hairstyle to appear (shiny/neat/messy/etc), select a hair styling product (cream/paste/pomade/wax) [ranked from lightest to heaviest in texture]. Cream is good for thickening and styling hair with moderate control. Paste is good for twisting, shaping, and texturizing hair into changeable styles with a strong hold. Pomade separates and defines with a clean, flexible control; these are the shiny, neat hairstyles you see on Mad Men. Wax allows direction, construction, and redesign with moldable texture that tends to leave your hair looking matte (like nothing was put into it). Depending on the style you’re trying to achieve, you may also need a vent brush (a brush with vents you blow-dry through to get a certain shape) and hair spray.

4. Have your barber teach you how to style the hairstyle.

5. The cut may look a bit strange to your eyes because your brain won’t be used to the difference in appearance, but get a consensus from friends and family so you can see if you want to stick with how you’re going to style it. Hairstyles are much less about how your hair is cut and much more about how you choose to style it. One haircut can have multiple looks. For example, a particularly long faux hawk can be many variations of the pompadour, a comb-over, etc.

There you have it. We sincerely hope you find that ideal haircut for an amazing summer.

by Jerry Cheung