Ladies: What’s the Difference Between Biz Prof and Biz Cas?


So as a female college student starting internships in fancy offices, you may have come across the fashion dilemma that is Business Professional vs. Business Casual. Here is a quick lesson in dress up for women in the office!

Business Professional: This usually entails wearing either a pant suit or a skirt suit, with some classic black close-toed flats or sensible heels or pumps. Dark colors (black, navy, charcoal) are best for the suit, but the collared blouse (not low cut) can be white. Accessories and jewelry are permitted, but they cannot be too flashy! Simple designs are typically preferred. Basically, nothing crazy.

Business Casual: For women, this can vary from more conservative skirts to brighter colored blouses and dresses. Don’t go too far though – T-shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans are still not allowed. Flats are still recommended, but they don’t have to be black. Basically, you have more freedom to wear different colors, and you are not required to wear a full suit. Some companies even consider polo shirts and khakis as business casual, so be sure to check in with your employers.

A side not about professional wear: makeup! While optional, it can be a great way to express yourself in the workplace. However, it’s important not to overdo. That means, unfortunately, you will have to leave your Urban Decay “Electric” Palette at homeĀ sigh.

by Laurie Goodman