Study Abroad: Africa


Are you looking for a change in scenery from usual UCLA life? Check out OTH’s list of top places to study abroad in Africa!

Africa’s number one location is Accra, Ghana!  This may be a biased account (since yours truly studied abroad there last year), but Accra is the best.  In all seriousness, come to Accra if you want to learn about international development, public health, environmental studies, or West African culture!  You can also intern with local and international NGO’s that are located in the area.  And you can’t beat buying a coconut from a guy off the side of the road who chops it open for you with a machete.

Africa’s honorable mention is Cape Town, South Africa.  With a more mild climate than West Africa, Cape Town is great for those who want to go to Africa, without as much risk of tropical diseases.  It is best for study abroad students who want to focus in political science and global studies.

We hope this list of study abroad sites helps you get excited for this coming year!  Visit the UCEAP website for more information!

by Laurie Goodman