5 Affordable Summer Vacations


Looking for a quick getaway but a little short on cash? We got you. Here are some awesome trips you can do without breaking the bank!

Camping is a fun and affordable way to spend a weekend or a couple random days in the summer. In fact, week days are probably the most affordable and fun, because the campgrounds/cabins will be less crowded and traffic wont be so bad. Some closer places to go are Tahoe, Mammoth, or Big Bear. All three are known to be fantastic camping spots, and there’s the option of either splitting cabin fees with a group or just bringing/renting a tent/RV. Also, Wooden rents out camping equipment, so do check it out!

Road Trips
Road trips are definitely a college favorite. Nothing says young and restless like a car packed with 20 year olds, lots of snacks, loud music, and no sense of direction. You can take a trip up to northern California, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, San Diego, and even somewhere closer like San Luis Obispo. With a good group of people, splitting the meals and the hotel costs will be a piece of cake! You can also try sites like airbnb.com where you can potentially score really good lodging deals.

Weekend away.
Advice: Southwest Airlines is the BEST place for ‘wanna get away’ tickets. They are really affordable, as long as you’re willing to hop on a red-eye, and that just gives you so much more to spend in your destination. The best way to go is to plan a few weeks ahead, pick a flight, check out the cheapest (but not sketchy) hotels, coerce a friend, and vacate away! Always try to compare prices rather than just settling on the first ticket you see.

Palm Springs
This one is cliche, but nothing says ‘student in California’ like a trip to Palm Springs. It’s nearby. In fact, it’s so close that it’s almost local. Hotels aren’t over the top expensive, there’s plenty to do, from pool time to massages to mini bars (even for non-alcoholic drinks). All in all, Palm Springs is a go-to when you want to relax and still get the vacation vibes even if it’s a mere 2 hours drive away.

Vegas is another college cliche, but really, who doesn’t love it. There’s things to do everywhere and for anyone. If you wanna shop, there is shopping literally everywhere. If you wanna see a show, Vegas has you covered. The incredible hotels are so much fun to walk around in. You can see everything from little Venice to a live lion den. There are also roller coasters and other rides to go on, and if you really want the summer activities, there’s great places to hike in Red Rocks Canyon.

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