Life Hack : Organizing With a Utensil Tray

life_hack_utensil_trayDesk clutter is one of those pains in neck that we just can’t get rid of. Or can we?

Here’s a quick and easy way to reorganize your desk, so that you never have to search through random piles of pens and and eraser shavings and sticky notes ever again.

Step 1: Buy a utensil tray.
These can be purchased at pretty much any store that sells kitchen appliances. Target or Home Goods or sometimes even a dollar store. They’re fairly cheap. Just choose a style that you think will work best, and DO make sure that it will fit inside your desk drawer!

Step 2: Dump out your desk. 
The contents of one’s desk can get cluttered pretty fast. There’s always random scraps of paper, tons of sticky notes and pens, highlighters, sharpies, and the whole nine yards. Dump it all out and sort through it!

Step 3: Reorganize.
Grab your new utensil tray and start organizing however you please. A place for pens, a place for markers, even a little section for notepads or sticky notes. And of course any other small trinkets that you have can find a place too. You could even color code!

Step 4: Never been annoyed by the mess again.
Arrange it however you please, and when you’re finished, just place it in the drawer, and ta-da! Your very own, no hassle desk. 

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