Best Summer Workouts

Best_Summer_Workouts-01Summer’s almost here, and you know what that means! Everyone’s scrambling to get in shape fast. But wait. How do college students do it? With classes and jobs and internships and everything else in our busy lives, there’s not much time left for working out. Don’t give up though! Here’s 8 exercises that you can do right in your bedroom to get in shape and stay in shape for summer.

Crunches are an effective and low maintenance way to work your abs. You can do it right on your bedroom floor, and there’s no need for weird equipment. You can do normal crunches, alternating side crunches, or even bicycle crunches. If you’re really feeling it, do all three in one workout! Because crunches can be boring and wear on your endurance, here’s a trick to overcome it. Instead of counting each crunch, put on your favorite song and work all the way through it. You can keep doing this with songs until you feel like you’ve gotten an adequate amount of ab work done for your taste.

Planks are another great way to workout your abs and your endurance. Planks can be hard, so start small and don’t get discouraged! One method of motivating yourself is by continuously adding time to each plank. Start at 20 seconds and rest, and then for the next one, try 30 seconds and rest, and so on until you can do it for a minute or longer!

Lunges are great, because they can either be done in place or traveling. If you have a large room, you can travel the length of it in lunges. Travel to one side and back, and that’s a rep. If you don’t have a large room, never fear. Lunges can be done in place by lunging and then bringing your feet back together every time. You can count your lunges or play a song. Either way, you get a quick and easy thigh workout without even leaving your room.

Wall sits
Wall sits only require 3 things: you, a wall, and some patience. They may seem gruesome and incredibly boring, but they’re a great ab AND thigh workout. This can be done anywhere where there’s an empty wall available, and there’s no movement of the head or upper body, so you can pretty much watch tv or read or do whatever you want while wall sitting.

Squats are the booty workout, but they also help with your thigh muscles. If you want an extra challenge, you can buy hand weights and do squats holding those. If you don’t want to spend money on hand weights, there’s all kinds of alternatives. Try a textbook!

Arm Circles/Raises
Arm circles and arm raises are a great way to work your upper arms. Especially if you’re not into heavy weight lifting or push ups. All you have to do is hold your arms out to the sides and move them in circles. You can do this forwards and backwards. For arm raises, you just flap your arms over your head like a bird. Trust me, it works.

Yes, burpees are just as exhausting as they sound, but good news. They work! It’s a combination of cardio and you use your whole body, so it’s a pretty good full body workout. Try listening to music while you do these too. It might make it seem less intense.

Jumping Jacks
Jumping jacks! Just like your middle school gym coach used to make you do. Start with 25 of these and then go to 50 and see how many you can get to. It’s like a fun self challenge, and it’s actually a pretty good cardio workout.


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