Best Summer Online Courses

bestsummerclassesSummer is coming up quick, and we’re all scrambling to figure out our summer plans. For those of us who are thinking about taking classes this summer but can’t do it on campus, here are 5 really great online courses that are worth checking out.

Ling 1
Ling 1 revolves completely around language and how we experience it. Everyone speaks a language, notices different accents, is aware of everyday “grammatical mistakes”, and makes jokes that use language in clever ways, but how do we explain and recognize these things? This year’s summer professor, Russell Schuh, examines of the nature of language, how the science of linguistics analyzes language data, and how language is integrated within culture and history. – This summer course includes weekly live sessions where the TA participates via video feed and students participate via live TA Text Chat. Live TA Text Chat sessions are conducted in a mixed format. The instructor participates via live video feed while students type questions, enter responses and participate in live polls. Students can attend any of the seven live TA Text Chat sessions scheduled each week., but attendance in at least one session per week is required.

History 1B
History 1B is an introduction to the development of western society circa 1000 A.D. to 1715. Emphasis is placed on specific historical topics, including the structures of medieval society, the changes in Western Europe during the Renaissance and Reformation, the establishment of new cultural paradigms in early modern Europe, and the encounter between the Old World and the New. The course is taught by Teofilo Ruiz. He is an extremely charismatic professor, who tries to make all of his lectures interesting despite the dense content. It’s perfect for those who still need a historical analysis GE and want to get it over with.

Theater 10
Theater 10 explores the principles and major components of live theatrical performance. The course covers major theatrical works from around the globe, and explores how theater reflects its cultural and historical contexts. This summer course is taught by Dr. David Gorshein – an entertaining professor who cares about both his teaching and his students. From personal experience, his lectures are extremely entertaining, but they can also be a little over the place, so pay attention. The best part is, this is a GE course, so if you haven’t fulfilled this requirement, its a perfect summer course to take right from your bedroom.

Theater 120A
This course is an exploration of screen performance from an artistic, historical and cultural perspective. Professor Joe Olivieri is a really interesting and nice professor. The workload isn’t rigorous and the lectures can be watched at any time.

Theater 120B 
Also taught by Professor Joe Olivieri, theater 120B is just like 120A, but this one examines the challenges confronted by actors in ten film genres from the 1930s to the present. The class consists of streaming lectures and film clips of performers in epic films, science fiction, musicals, comedies, action/adventure, Westerns, crime and gangster films, horror and suspense, war and anti-war films and dramas. Theater 120B can be taken without 120A, so if you’re not into the historical stuff, have a go at this one!


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