5 Reasons Why Covel Is The Place To Eat

Covel is rebranding itself, and what better way to celebrate their new items than by dropping in for your own little taste test? Here are some excellent reasons for you to #GetitatCovel:

1. A touch of Mediterranean in every meal. 
Covel has always had a little touch of the European taste in their Euro station, but they are now expanding on this. Covel is now fully committed to giving The Hill a complete and incredibly delicious Mediterranean food experience, ranging from hummus, biscotti, pitas, and grilled veggies.

2. Hearty Hummus. 
With a different flavor every Friday, including Smoked Mozzarella, don’t miss out on Covel’s new hummus selection. Brings a whole new meaning to TGIF.


3. Lamb. 
One of my favorite parts of Covel’s new menu is their brand new lamb sausage pita. Lamb sausage, veggies, and a sprinkle of cheese, all tossed together on a toasted pita. Yum!


4. Fresh Veggies.
In addition to the new entrees, Covel is also offering grilled veggies that change every day. So come on over and taste the new fresh!

5. Biscotti. 
A different gourmet flavor, every day, to spice up your dessert life.


Join Covel on their Mediterranean journey and enjoy all of this and more!


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