Things To Do In LA Over Spring Break

Spring_Break_ActivitiesSo you’re stuck on (or near) campus for spring break with nothing to do and nowhere to go? Never fear. There’s ALWAYS things to do in Los Angeles. Here’s 5 ways to spend your spring break that will make it a week to remember.

(1) Pick a beach, any beach
Take a stroll on the white sand of Manhattan beach or the boardwalk  of Venice. If you’re up for a little longer travel time, you could even spend some time relaxing and exploring the rocks of Malibu beach.

If you’re feeling REALLY adventurous, try your hand at a $10 yoga on the beach class in Santa Monica. Taught by Brad, yoga on the beach is a fun and stress-free place to relax, have fun, and get a little exercise in your week. Starting next week at 6pm, every Mon, Tues, Weds, and Fri!

(2) The Grove
Everyone loves shopping. Okay, well mostly everyone.
The Grove is an awesome place to go with friends or even solo. There’s tons of food and shopping, a movie theater, a farmers market, and even some grass to lounge on. So take a trip on over and treat yo self!

(3) Universal StudiosUniversal Citywalk
Universal Studios is a must see for an LA dweller. Take the backlot tour around the real sets of Universal, test your guts in the Haunted Mansion, or go back in time with the Mummy or Jurassic park rides. There’s even a new Simpson’s area AND a fun place to take pictures with the props from Despicable Me. The best part about Universal is that once you buy the ticket, the pass is reusable for up to a year!

But if amusement parks aren’t your thing, take a walk down the infamous Universal Citywalk right outside the gates. It’s ALWAYS full of life and action. There’s tons to do, from indoor skydiving adventures to a nice dinner at one of the citywalk’s many restaurants. Go shopping, see a movie, even go bowling at Jillian’s Hi Life Lanes.

(4) Disneyland
Put the magic in your spring break with a trip to Disneyland and California Adventures. Ride the loop of California Screamin’, take a fall on the Tower of Terror, or dizzy it up in the magic Spinning Tea Cups. It may be a little pricey, but if you’re willing to splurge, it’ll be the time of your life.

(5) See a movie
If you’re more into air conditioning and the indoors, you can’t go wrong with a movie excursion. Insurgent, the 2nd film to the Divergent series, comes out on March 19th and will be playing at The Village theater right in our little home of Westwood.

Across the street, at the Bruin theater, Run All Night will begin showing on March 12 and Get Hard will begin showing on March 16th.


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