Why Should you Host a Bruin?

why_to_host_a_new_bruin-01 (1)

Remember being a first year? Remember the apprehension? Remember how tough it was to choose between the schools you had to choose from? Don’t you wish you had a way — some way — to immerse yourself into the school for at least a day so you could make a decision? If any of these thoughts seem familiar, maybe you participated in the Bruin Overnight Experience. If the BOE program isn’t familiar, maybe you’d like to give someone a chance that you didn’t have this April 10th. Here are some other incentives:

1. You’ll get a free t-shirt

If you’re a stickler for rare t-shirts, you’ll be getting a unique t-shirt that only those who work as a volunteer will receive.

2. Maybe you don’t like t-shirts..

Maybe you’re less so about the t-shirts and more so about the people. Here’s your chance to live out your fantasy. This experience is the closest you will ever get to tell “pre-first year UCLA you” what you would have done instead. Help pass the wisdom along.

3. They have to sleep in a lounge if you don’t let them sleep in your room

This is kind of a low blow. But it’s true. Imagine being super excited about UCLA and having to sleep in a dingy lounge in a sleeping bag. Be a good Bruin and have true bruin values.

So, be a true Bruin and sign up now! If hosting a Bruin isn’t your thing, you can still help out by being a volunteer.

Be a Host: https://reslife.ucla.edu/yield/

Be a Volunteer: https://reslife.ucla.edu/signup/rskx


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