Fame Right Under Our Noses


Ever tried to figure out if the scenes in our favorite movies are real places or just a set? Here’s 5 famous film locations in or near LA that you just might recognize if you look closely enough.

Rodeo Drive – Pretty Woman

rodeo drive

Featured in the classic film Pretty Woman, Rodeo Drive is one of the most sophisticated and elegant shopping strips in the west. It begins at Wilshire Boulevard on the south, and runs north to Santa Monica Boulevard. You can often spot famous stars (or tourists looking for stars) strolling along the beautifully paved streets of Rodeo Drive.  The stretch of shops and boutiques on Rodeo Drive is only three blocks long, but it is probably the most famous and most expensive shopping district in the nation. It’s a perfect place to go to window shop and channel your inner celebrity.

The Quality Cafe –

Located on 1143 East 12th Street, Quality Cafe is the home of over a dozen movie and tv diner scenes. The cafe itself stopped serving meals almost a decade ago in 2006, but it is certainly not lost to the world of Hollywood. From 500 Days of Summer, Mad Men, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Catch Me If You Can, and more, The Quality Cafe has seated them all! If you’re ever in the area, The Quality Cafe is a perfect photo opportunity.

Realm –

Remember that scene in Freaky Friday where Tess and Anna seat themselves in a Chinese restaurant and receive the fateful fortune cookie that started it all? Well that scene was shot right in LA’s very own Chinatown. Realm, located on 425 Gin Ling Way, was once a real restaurant, just like in the movie. It’s now a home accessory store, however the building is still gorgeous and brings back all the fun memories of our preteen Freaky Friday days.

Millennium Biltmore Hotel

King Kong, Ghostbusters, Independence Day, The Nutty Professor, Pretty in Pink, Bridesmaids, Miss Congeniality, Cheaper by the Dozen and so many more famous award winning films have been filmed on location at this extravagant hotel. It has been the premier choice for celebrities, presidents, and musicians in downtown LA for over 90 years. Located in the heart of downtown, the Biltmore is just around the corner from attractions such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Dodger’s Stadium and more. It’s the perfect place to go for a luxurious weekend, an evening of fine dining or to relive your favorite movie scene.

Vasquez Rocks –

vasquez rocks

You might recognize these rocks from John Carter, Cars, Planet of the Apes or the ever popular Star Trek movies. The Vasquez Rocks are not only a great place to shoot films but it’s also a great place to go on a hiking trip, see the view, or capture that instagram picture you’ve always wanted.

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