What You Need to Know About Summer School


Summer is coming up, so you know what that means: the sun, the beach, a good book and school? Summer school at UCLA can be a great way to get ahead or catch up or just learn in a beautiful and sunny Los Angeles summer. Here’s a collection of frequently asked questions about summer school we’ve compiled.

Q: Who can attend UCLA Summer Sessions?

All UCLA students are allowed to attend summer school at UCLA, but the season is also open to a number of other groups not generally allowed to take classes at the university including students at other schools, working professions, community members and alumni.

Q: How do you register and enroll in summer school?

Current students can enroll through MyUCLA. Non-UCLA students have to first register using the Summer Sessions Registration Form and pay a registration processing fee. Once registration for students is processed, visiting students will be able to enroll through MyUCLA.

Q: How many classes can I take during the summer and how does that affect my financial aid?

Student of the UCLA College of Letters and Sciences are allowed to enroll in up to 18 units, students in other schools on campus are given a unit cap of 16 units, but can petition and gain approval for more units from their college or school. In order to be eligible for summer aid, however, undergraduates have to be enrolled in at least 6 units and graduate students have to be enrolled in at least 4 units. Some undergraduate financial aid programs including the Federal Pell Grant and the Summer University Grant require at least 12 units for eligibility.

Q: When and how long are summer sessions?

Courses during summer are offered in two sessions, known as Session A and Session C. Session A is scheduled to begin on June 22 and Session C is scheduled to begin on August 3. A majority of the courses offered during summer are six weeks long but select classes during Session A run eight to 10 weeks. Check the Schedule of Classes for more specific information about available classes.

Q: Is housing offered by the university during the summer?

Yes, the university offers housing in the form of on-campus residence halls and off-campus university apartments. Summer session students should apply for housing using the UCLA Summer Housing Application.

Q: What is the cost for attending UCLA summer session?

While cost varies according to various factors and depending on the situation and status of the student, current UCLA undergraduate students can expect to pay a $65 campus fee and a per unit fee of $271. For more details about UCLA Summer Session fees check out the official Summer Session website.

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