Your Handy Study Abroad Application Guide


So, you’re talking to all your friends, and they’re telling you about where they’re going next summer, fall, or maybe even winter. You’re bummed out that you found out about studying abroad late, and now you’re going to have sit around with FOMO until next year’s round, or so you thought. We want to point out that there are a variety of programs still available for spring ’15 and some year long ones available still too (you have until May 18th, 2015 to apply). Take a look at the link and check out each program to see what you’d be interested in. However, keep in mind that some of these programs require recommendation letters or long essays, so don’t procrastinate and try to complete the entire application last minute. To find out what sort of materials your program requires, create an account on UCEAP here and navigate to your program’s page.

How do I decide where I want to go?

Go to . There’s a variety of criteria on the left hand side of the page that you can choose to emphasize or not emphasize to make your choice. Note that some of the programs you find interesting may no longer be available, but consider it early research for your applications abroad next year. Here is a list of programs many students choose to attend: highly impacted programs.

There are so many programs I want to apply to! Can I apply to multiple ones?

Unfortunately not. You have to choose one program to apply to.

What about housing? What about course credit? Will I be able to graduate on time? sdfdsfDS?FDSf??FDSF!?

Upon acceptance into the program, you will receive an email from a UCEAP advisor with a list of requirements you must complete. These will act as the instructions you need to make sure your time abroad is both safe and fun!

Note that there are a few other programs available, but the one we’ve decided to focus on is the UCEAP one because it’s with the UC system and therefore much easier to handle. If you have any further questions, it’s best to speak with a representative at the EAP office in 1332 Murphy Hall or call/email (310) 825-4995 at


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