Valentine’s Day Romantic Spots


Valentine’s Day is coming up and if you’re looking for last minute ideas for the big day, then we’ve got some really great romantic date spots for you and your beau.

1.) The Last Bookstore


Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, The Last Bookstore is a must-see for the literary love in your life. You can peruse the nearly endless shelves while exploring the nooks and crannies that seem to make up the entire shop. Walk through the astonishing book displays and pop-up art galleries to find your favorite books and stories to share.

2.) Bona Vista Lounge


At the top of the high-end Westin Bonaventure hotel spins one of the best date spots in Los Angeles. Speed up the elevator to the 35th floor and you’ll find a bar and lounge with an amazing view of the city. You might be confused by the apparent motion at first, until you realize that the entire lounge is rotating and offering up a 360 degree panoramic view of the skyline.

3.) Point Dume State Beach


Point Dume in Malibu is a quick cruise away from UCLA on PCH, but its well worth the journey. The windswept bluff forms the Northern end of the Santa Monica and has breathtaking views of the ocean and the beach communities that twinkle on the shore at night. It’s the perfect place to share a picnic – or a kiss – while watching the sun dip lazily beneath the horizon.

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