Everyone’s A Bae on Valentines Day


Uh oh, Cupid’s favorite day is almost here, and you don’t have plans yet?

With a parade of pink balloons and candy hearts just around the corner, we’re here to encourage everyone to have an awesome Valentines Day no mater what! So grab your roommate, your significant other, your best friend – or several friends – and join the Valentines fun with these 5 things to do:

1) Day at the beach

What luck! Valentines day is on a Saturday this year, and what better way to spend a Saturday than a day at the beach? Grab your beach towel and your sunglasses, and go bask in the sun of Manhattan, Venice, or Santa Monica. If you’re feeling especially bold, splurge a little bit on the rides of the Santa Monica Pier.

2) The Rocky Horror Picture Show 

If you have yet to see the Rocky Horror spectacular, now is the perfect opportunity. Every Saturday midnight, Sins o’ the Flesh puts on the Rocky Horror Picture Show with their live cast at the Nuart Theater in Santa Monica. If you’ve already been, you know just how much fun it is, and if you haven’t, it’ll have you shivering in antici…pation!

3) Can’t go wrong with the movies

If you’re not looking for too much excitement this Valentines day, you can never go wrong with a trip to the movies. Looks like we have two movie releases coming out Valentines weekend :

50 Shades of Grey
Kingsmen : The Secret Service

Checkout the local theaters for prices and showtimes, bring your friends and some cash for popcorn, and there you have the perfect movie date.

4) Griffith Park

Like nature? Griffith Park is an amazing place to spend quality time with your Valentine’s day bae. Hike up to the top of the trails and see the gorgeous view of the city, or if you’re not the hiking type, a blanket and a lunch are the perfect ingredients for a picnic in the grass. You can even bring a frisbee along and toss it around with your pal(s).

5) Date night

Don’t be pessimistic, date nights are for everyone! Sure, you can go out with your significant other, but you can also go out with your friends. Dress yourself up for the occasion if you’re really feeling it, and plan an evening meal. There’s a boatload of delicious restaurants around, but here’s some close places to start :
Bottega Louie
Napa Valley Grille
La Bruschetta
P’tit Soleil
McCormick & Schmicks

Just remember, Valentines Day is an extremely busy day, so whatever you decide to do, try to make reservations if you can!

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