4 New Backpacks for the Winter


So your good ol’ trusty roller backpack has stopped working. You can’t drag it along up bruinwalk anymore, like how you used to in elementary school. Dusty’s long gone, but we’ve gone ahead and done the research on some backpacks for you. Check em out!

1. Everlane $65

Get an Everlane snap backpack. It’s made out of twill and leather for a nice business casual look. If you tend to dress preppy or business casual, this pack is a perfect complement to the clothing you have.

2. Herschel Little America Backpack $100

Herschel has a ton of different prints and colors for their backpacks. They’re a little on the pricey end, but one of its cool features is that the inside of the backpack has its own pattern that is completely different than the outside. It’s a nice little surprising twist.

3.  Jansport Backpack $55

If you want something simple, you can’t go wrong with a Jansport. It’s a return to the simple high school days. If you tend to wear sporty clothing, this one’s your best bet.

4. The North Face Hot Shot $100

If you want something that you can use for snowboarding and hiking, etc. The North Face Hot Shot was built for you to use in the outdoors. They have a variety of different colors and tend to go well with raincoats, etc. Pick one up if you’re in the rain often at home.

So there you go, try these backpacks out. We hope you find something to replace your old backpack.

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