5 Things to Add to your Freshman Year Bucket List


UCLA is a big school with plenty of things to do. We’ve been here a while, so we know some of the greatest things to do around campus. Here are some of the things we think you should add to your UCLA bucket list!

1. Take a midnight stroll around campus

UCLA is one of the most beautiful campuses in California, especially when the lights are all on. If you have a S.O., take them around! It’ll be very romantic. Or if not, grab some friends and experience a different side of UCLA. You won’t regret it.

2. Holi

Holi, otherwise known as the festival of love (romantic, familial, platonic), is held in the spring of each year. It is a festival primarily celebrated by people of Indian origins, but many students at UCLA participate annually in this celebration. Traditionally, there is a Holika bonfire that should theoretically precede the event UCLA holds, which consists of throwing colored powder at your friends. While the UCLA version of Holi does not have a bonfire, there is usually a good amount of color powder involved so you can definitely color-bomb your friends. More information usually comes up during Spring Quarter!

3. Try all of the restaurants on campus

As you progress as a student, you’re going to discover the restaurants are going to become and more enticing, especially when you no longer have a meal plan. Get ahead of the curve and figure out where the good spots are already. Hint: Ackerman is not your only option.

4. Undie Run

At the end of each quarter during finals week, there is a undie run on Wednesday. Most people wait at the corner of Strathmore and Gayley for the run to begin. Arrive with your undies on and prepare to run through campus ecstatically as everyone shares in the joys and stresses of finals week. It is definitely one of the uniquely UCLA things to do around here!

5. Run the Perimeter

If running in your undies is not your thing, run 4 miles around campus in your regular athletic wear! Challenge yourself by saying you’ve ran all around the entire school for bragging rights. And also get fit in the process.

So, here you go, let’s make some bucket lists happen!

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