5 Questions You Have about Moving Off-Campus


What’s up. You’re looking for apartments? We got some tips for you. Here are the questions most people ask about moving off campus?

1. How do you find an apartment?

First, decide what type of apartment you want. Do you want to live at a University Apartment or an independent apartment? Do you want to live in Westwood or further off campus?

Walk around Westwood, and talk to the management about availability and rates. Get their numbers and sign up to be on the list. You would then set up a date and time for viewing.

2. What are some of the important criteria towards finding an apartment?

One of the most important criteria, in my opinion, is checking with the current residents of the building whether or not the wifi is good. You don’t want to be walking back and forth to Powell to do homework.

You should also be on the lookout for cellular reception, laundry facilities, amenities, noise levels, etc. You would want a place that you are comfortable with. Check with your building managers if they have quiet hours and whether they are enforced or not. It might also be a good idea to visit the apartment/building at night, to see what it looks like when everyone is at home.

3. What are the benefits of living off campus?

You have a lot more freedom to do what you want. You learn how to be independent and cook for yourself. These are important baby steps towards making it in the real world. Yes, you’ll miss that 19P for the first couple of weeks (jk, more like for the rest of your life), but you’ll start appreciating the art of cooking. Or takeouts.

4. How can I find roommates?

Check out the board they have in Ackerman next to the hair salon for cuts! People often post room vacancies and room-seekers would post their information up there as well. Also check around Facebook UCLA class groups, and post fliers. Or, leave it up to management to put a few people together.

5. When should I have a lease signed by?

Preferably by February or March to make sure you can get a good apartment. Do this as early as possible to have the most options. Look at the lease, and make sure there aren’t any unfair contract obligations. While you would not be homeless if you do not sign your lease early, you might face fewer options than you might like.

And with that, good luck all! Just remember all the stress that comes with apartment hunting solves itself in the end.

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