3 Awesome things to do in LA


So you’re chilling out relaxing on the hill. You’re checking out all the usual spots: Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Westwood, etc. You’ve gone out and done some crazy things and you feel like there’s nothing left to do in Los Angeles. You’re done. You’re a little disappointed by the bubble, but it’s comfortable. At OTH, we don’t believe in bubbles. In fact, we believe in bursting them. So without further adue, here are four crazy cool things you need to do before you graduate:

1. Get into a secret supper club

You’re pretty cool. You’re in some secret orgs. And you’ve done some rituals. But, have you ever been invited to a restaurant that’s invite only? Probably not. The air of exclusivity and sweet aroma of secret cuisine are enticing. But more importantly, you want to be invited because not being invited makes you remember that one time in third grade when Susie Perkins had a birthday party with a chocolate cake and you weren’t invited.

2. Indiana Jones some Nazi ruins

We were pretty surprised when we found out Los Angeles was once home to a Nazi base. These days it’s become more of a tourist spot that’s been graffiti’ed, but it’s a great alternative to the Hollywood sign hike.

3. Find your inner peace

There is a labyrinth people use to find peace and relax from the stresses of everday life. You should go after midterms. They’ll be good for your sanity.

So there’s that, you’ve discovered three more cool things to do in LA. Check out Thrillist or LA Weekly for more things to do!

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