Day Trips around LA


With Winter Break on the way, we thought it might be a good idea to give those of you staying around a few options for what to do! And what better to do with free time than explore? So here are three of my favorite Cali destination spots around LA!

1) Silverlake: road trip it to Silverlake. On a normal day, it’s about an hour drive! One of the most “hipster” parts of LA, Silverlake has a culture of its own. It’s a place full or thrift shops, coffee houses, and art galleries!

2) Yosemite National Park: craving nature and tired of city life Take a brief intermission with a road trip to Yosemite! Trees older than your great grandmother and air cleaner than you’ve ever breathed!

3) Vegas! So this one isn’t exactly in Cali, but it sure is a hot destination spot for those wanting a little more bling! Take a three hour drive from LA and arrive at one of the coolest cities in America! There’s parties, pools, and lots of fun!

Drive safe!

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