Student Startups: Bruin Bins Storage Co.


Keith Yoder is a founder of his own company. Since startups have become one of the most preferable companies to work at for young people these days, OTH wanted to give you a look into what it was like to start a business.

1. What’s your startup about?

My startup is a moving and storage company for UCLA students that focused on providing the most convenient and inexpensive storage solution for UCLA students

2. What inspired you to start this company?

I went to a leadership conference sponsored by residential life called LeaderSHAPE where I thought of the idea and was in a cultivated environment that inspired people to pursue their goals. My goal was to create a customer-based business

3. How often do you work on this startup to make sure it’s going the way you want it to?

My startup is really a seasonal business. Other than frequent monitoring of the email, there currently isn’t much day-to-day work. In the spring, I was on a three month grind configuring all the logistics, though. The physical labor was sporadically placed between June and the beginning of October when I was moving people out/in!

4. What’s the ultimate goal of this business?

The ultimate goal is to demonstrate that affordable businesses that put the customer first and profit second are sustainable and not impossible.

5. Have you always been a risk-taker?

I tend to take calculated risks when I see an opportunistic return on investment. Whether or not I fail is irrelevant. We are all going to fail sometimes. But if the payoff can potentially outweigh the cost, yes, I am a risk-taker.

6. Tell us something fun.

Fun fact: at one point I had over 1,000 boxes stored in my suite.

And that’s it. Get inspired everybody!

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