3 Ways you’ll Make your Winter Break Productive


So you’re finally going to finish that philosophy book you have at the back of your head. You’re absolutely sure it’d blow people away. It’d be about love, war, suffering, everything that matters. You know, all the important conversation topics at 2AM. Here’s how you’re going to do it (or whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish) this winter break:

1. Get a planner

Write down the goals you have and then record deadlines for yourself on the planner. The key is to make it extremely easy in the beginning. If you want to run 5 miles by the end of the break, start with a walk around the neighborhood to see the trees. Reward yourself for every little success. This works because it’s easy and you get rewarded for it.

2. Tell your friends about your goals

Have them keep you accountable, so you feel guilty when you don’t do what you said you’d do. Better yet, convince them to do whatever it is you’re doing too. New habits are easier to maintain when you can get a friend to go with you. That being said, if your friend backs out don’t let that be an excuse for you to do so also.

3. Think

Take a timer and set it for 5 minutes. In those 5 minutes record everything you’re apprehensive of about your goals but also all the reasons why you want to do whatever it is you’re doing. This will get you started on addressing your fears and goals in whatever it is you’re trying to do.

So there it is. Get out there and change the world.

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