How to Keep Off the Holiday Pounds



With Thanksgiving come and gone, and winter holidays approaching, we must prepare for the inevitable (and glorious) feasting/weight gain.  If you’re freaking out that you’re going to come back looking like Jabba the Hutt, read these helpful tips on how to not gain 50 pounds in your two week break!

1. Eat Slower
Holiday dinners are not a race, and more often than not there is almost unlimited amounts of food and dessert.  PACE YOURSELF.  Put smaller portions on your plate and maybe even talk to your family so you’re not constantly shoving food into your mouth.  The easiest way to lose the holiday weight is to not gain it.

2. Bargain Your Desserts
So you’ve already had one slice of your aunt’s famous pie/cake/sugary goody, and you want another.  What now?  Don’t ruin your holiday just because you want to keep the weight off!  Go ahead and eat that slice, but also plan to go on a run, hike, or swim the following day.

3. Limit Your Alcohol
A beer belly is a very real thing.  One drink is fine, but save those calories for the actual feast!

4. Don’t “Save Your Appetite”
Don’t starve yourself the entire day so you can eat as much as you can during your holiday dinner.  For the sake of your stomach, sanity, and family’s sanity, snack throughout the day so you aren’t a grouch pre-feast.  You’ll probably end up eating less throughout the day than if you waited the whole day!

5. Don’t Sweat It
Even if you do gain a few pounds over the holidays, don’t worry about it too much.  I mean, New Year’s resolutions exist for a reason.  TREAT YO SELF.
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