Pets on the Hill: Dallas


This week OTH got an interview with one of the Hill’s lesser known residents, Dallas!  Dallas belongs to Jordan Richman, the Resident Director of Hitch Suites.  You can usually find Dallas hanging out in Hitch’s ResLife office, staring adorably at you until you pet him.  Here are the exclusive details on this three year old Jack Russell and Wire Fox Terrier mix!

So Dallas, what’s the story behind your name?
Well, my given name was Duke, but once Jordan adopted me he changed my name to Dallas since him and his entire family are diehard Dallas Cowboys fans!

And how do you like living in Hitch?
I love living in Hitch, the cement makes it a little ruff around the edges, but I like it!  There are lots of trees to mark–I mean play with!

What one change would you make On The Hill if you had the power?
I would make it mandatory that doggy treats be served in the dining halls.  I would also make it possible for dogs to go inside the dining halls.

How do you get along with the other animals On The Hill?
Oh I love the other dogs here!  We have play dates all the time.  The birds are alright, they’re pretty fun to chase.  But the squirrels are the real challenge…

What are your opinions on the squirrels around UCLA?

Um, nevermind. What do you like to do for fun On The Hill?
I’m usually hanging out with my owner and other residents in the ResLife office, but when I’m not you can usually see me walking with Jordan or other dogs that live on the Hill!


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