Alcohol 101


Everyone had to do the infamous “Alcohol EDU” before coming to UCLA, but let’s get real: you didn’t really pay attention, did you?  That’s ok, because I’ve picked out the best tips from AlcoholEDU and some other sources to abide by while participating in your own festivities.

1. Always pour your own drinks or have a bartender pour it for you.  If you don’t, someone could put other things you wouldn’t want in your drink.

2. Playing drinking games is one way to ensure yourself a rough next morning.  You end up consuming excessive amounts of alcohol without even thinking about it.  Either avoid playing games or definitely limit the amount of times you play.  And you can always offer to play the game and then not drink, no one is going to sue you.

3. Make sure to drink on a full stomach to slow down the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into your body.

4. Take 1000mg of vitamin C before going out for a night on the town.  There have actually been studies that prove that taking vitamin C the night before will help you recover better in the morning.

5. Take two aspirins before going to bed after you get home.  It will make your next day significantly better!

Want some more tips on going out?  Here is a source you can use for more information!


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