Vegan Cooking On The Hill


Looking for some vegan options on the hill? Just want to fit into your skinny jeans better? Been vegan your whole life and college is proving a challenge to that? Here are three easy vegan recipes for the three meals of the day!

  1. Breakfast: try heating up some Quaker oatmeal in the microwave and top it off with some walnuts, blueberries, agave, and bananas, all of which can be kept in your mini fridge! Mmm!
  2. Lunch: Try some canned veggie soup from Target or Ralphs! They have hundreds of brands and flavors to try, tons of which are vegan! Just make sure there’s no meat or chicken broth in the ingredients! And make sure to take out of the can before heating and put in a microwave safe bowl. Pari with some bread and voila!
  3. Dinner: Wrap some canned beans, corn, and seasoned tofu in a spinach wrap! Add some fruit on the side and you’re set until tomorrow!

Hope these helped! Health is important, meat or not! Hope this provided you with some tools for a healthy year!


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