5 Questions you have about Winter Break


Winter break isn’t that far away! If you live in the residential halls, you probably have a few questions about winter break and housing. Here are some questions you probably have about winter break:

1. When do you have to move out of your room?

10PM on Friday December 19th, 2014. The last meal of that day will be lunch.

2. What if I want to stay in the residential halls for winter break?

If you want to stay an extra day, you can pay $75. That being said, you will have to pay $525 if you want to stay for the entire winter break, with no meals guaranteed. To get this option, go to the housing office at Sproul Hall and arrange this before November 28th 4PM.

3. What if I want to stay in my university apartment for winter break?

That is fine. You are not required to move out or pay an extra fee.

4. Can I keep my stuff in my room during the break?

Yes, but take your valuables, since workers will need to perform maintenance.

5. When can I move back into the dorms?

You can move back in at 8AM on Saturday, January 3, 2015. Meals begin on Sunday night.

We hope this answers some of questions you might have! For more information, please visit the UCLA Ask Housing page. 

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