Dessert Day 2014

So whether you were aware of it or not, today is Dessert Day!  So what does that mean for you?  That means that you get to have all the dessert you want, since every bite you take is honoring the dessert overlords.  To commemorate this momentous occasion, here are a list of the best places to get dessert around UCLA!

1. Cafe 1919
If you want to stay On The Hill, get a Monte Bianco from this great quick service restaurant!  Who doesn’t want a brownie smothered in ice cream, chocolate syrup, and other things that will clog your arteries?

2. Relaxation
If you want to grab something sweet on campus, head to Relaxation to get some sweet boba drinks.  Because tapioca solves most of life’s problems.

3. Southern Lights
If you’re in South Campus, head to Southern Lights, where you can grab some froyo!  Not to mention some coffee to keep you awake through class (is anybody else in summer mode still, or is that just me?).

4. Diddy Riese
Do I even have to caption this?  I think the line wrapping around the block in Westwood every night speaks for itself.

5. De Neve/Covel/Feast/Any dining hall that serves froyo and soda
If  you want to use up more of your swipes, then make your own dessert in the dining halls!
Step 1: Get a cup.
Step 2: Fill said cup with ice cream.
Step 3: Fill remaining room in cup with root beer or soda of choice.
Step 4: Stuff your homemade float in your face until there is no more in the cup.

Now go out there and eat all the sugar!


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