Do’s and Don’ts for Decorations in the Res Halls


So you’re moved in.  You’ve endured the tears of your parents, had a taste of our dining halls (De Neve is open again!), and are now sitting in your room looking at bare walls.  Now what?  Well obviously, now is the time to decorate.  So here are some do’s and don’ts for decorating your room this year:

Do: Make this adorable paint sample wall to add some color to your room!  Best part?  This is a decoration that is completely free.

Source: Flickr

Don’t: Actually paint your room.  Any alterations made to the room that do not take place on the tackable fabric on your walls may cause you a fee when you move out.


Do: Put a diffuser in your room!  Not only do they keep your room smelling great, but they also can have cute designs on them.

Source: Flickr

Don’t: Put candles in your room.  Or incense.  Basically, nothing that can set your residence hall on fire.

giphy (1)
Nickelodeon/ Via

Do: Hang pictures using clothespins!  You can avoid using nails and buying picture frames while still being able to cherish old memories.

5390739234_05553105c0_oSource: Flickr

Don’t: Put heavy picture frames or other fragile items in high places.  If you’re not from around here, you should know that Southern California is prone to earthquakes.  The last thing you want is something heavy and breakable falling on your head in the middle of the night.

giphy (2)Nickelodeon/ Via

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