UCLA Websites You Should Know About


So your new to UCLA and still getting the hang of thing? No worries! We were all there once and so we know it can be like. Here are some helpful websites we still use daily to find out the latest haps on the hill and on campus!

  1. Bruinwalk: this website allows access to other students’ takes on classes and professors. Even class difficulty ratings and written reviews! Here you can also find info on sports, majors, and housing!
  2. Free & For Sale: As a shopping addict and bargain hunter all the same, this Facebook page exclusively for UCLA students is one of my favorites. Search it on Facebook and have instant access to things fellow peers are selling at discounted rates, from clothing to furniture to makeup!
  3. UCLA Menus & Dining Hours: So I didn’t find out about this until half way through my second year, and it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. This site provides daily lunch and dinner menus for all dining halls on the hill. Imagine the possibilities! And not only that, in case you were confused about the hours of operation, it has that too!

Now go out and conquer the hill!

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