10 Reasons You Want to Live in Hitch

After a long year of construction, Hitch is proud to re-open its doors for residents of The Hill!  If you haven’t been by to visit yet (which I highly recommend you do), here is a list of reasons why Hitch is seriously awesome.

1. HAVE YOU SEEN IT??  It’s beautiful, just saying.  It’s like if nature mixed with cement (in the best way possible).

2. Inside Hitch, you can find Hitch Commons, aka The Slant, a beautifully arranged hangout area for residents.  Have I mentioned there is an 80 inch screen TV? Enough said.

3. It has the Hill’s first kitchen!  That’s right, you can have the real life college experience of cooking Top Ramen without the sad realities of living in a studio apartment! (For real though, appreciate your time On The Hill)

4. Hitch is the new home for the basketball courts!  Three to be specific.

5. There are fans in ALL of the rooms.  Which is helpful when Los Angeles decides to spontaneously burst into flame.

6. If you’re taking English Comp 3, you may be going to class in Hitch!  The classroom is ridiculously cool (with another 80 inch TV), and an industrial/bomb shelter vibe.

7. It has amazing views.

8. Even though it’s a hike to get to, it is extremely close to Sunset Rec which is a major plus.  Who doesn’t want to play beach volleyball lounge by the pool whenever you want?

9. The buildings look like they are made of Legos.  Don’t tell me you never dreamed of living in a Lego house.

10. Hitch’s Residential Life office is home to one of the best Office Assistant’s on the Hill (clue: it may be the person writing this post).

Okay, so the last one may be a bit of a stretch, but there are definitely more than 10 reasons you should want to live in Hitch.  Go discover them for yourself this year!

Photos by Kelly Tran

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