Places at UCLA You Should Know


New to UCLA? Or even old! Here are some go to places you may not even know about that you should!

1) The Test Bank – get past tests of the classes you’re in to gauge the level of prep you’ll need to do and general difficulty

2) The Bomb Shelter – arguably one of the best dining centers located at UCLA on South Campus! Classy. Real classy.

3) The John Wooden Center – chances are you’ve probably passed it, but what you may not know is that it’s free for students! Just present your bruin card for access, no charge! Also, you stand a chance of bumping into some really cool athletes at Wooden.

4) Untitled Cafe – this quaint cafe resides in Broad Arts Building in North Campus, often featuring student art. So hip!

5) Stage Canteen – last but not least, this cafe is located in an actual backlot in Melnitz Hall, where several famous directors have walked!

Happy exploring!

by Beverly Okhio

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