Zero Week Survival Guide


Zero week is upon us. So here’s a comprehensive list of my top picks of the must attend events happening in the coming week.

  1. On Sunday September 28th the New Student Welcome and Dinner will take place from 4 – 6:30pm at the Los Angeles Tennis Court (for the program) and the IM Field (for the dinner). It’s a must attend for those looking to meet their fellow incoming peers! Chancellor Gene Block will make an appearance and there are typically performances from student groups.
  2. On Monday September 29th UCLA Volunteer Day will take place from 8am – 2pm! All of those who wish to participate should gather at the IM Field and will be sent to various locations around LA. If you live on the hill, your RAs will inform you when and where to meet. You also get one of those cool UCLA Volunteer shirts (for free!). Bruins helping those in need in LA.
  3. On Monday September 29th Bruin Bash Festival occurs from 5 – 10pm at the IM Field. This will feature food trucks, music, and several prizes! Unfortunately BruinFest is not happening this year, so the programmers have come up with this Bruin Bash Festival to incorporate elements of BruinFest and also to allow more people to join the festivities on Monday.
  4. On Monday September 29th the Bruin Bash Concert will take place between 8 – 11pm at the LA Tennis Center on campus. This is a MUST attend and will feature Chance the Rapper and Kandace Springs. And the best thing? It’s FREE for all Bruins. Sign up for tickets here [insert url on the ‘here’. url:]
  5. On Tuesday September 30th the Enormous Activities Fair will take place from 11am – 3pm at Royce Quad & Wilson Plaza. During this event, all of UCLA’s most prominent clubs come out to give you free swag, prizes, and information on how you can get involved. It’s a great place to discover new ways in which you can get involved and meet people during the school year!
  6. On Wednesday October 1st the Common Book Speaker event will take place from 5 – 6pm at the Northwest Campus Auditorium in De Neve. Read the book or not, it’s still a great event to learn more about issues Bruins should be aware of.

For more events, go to:

Keep calm and Bruin on.

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