Devyani Rana, Hedrick Summit 4 RA

Devyani Rana

Devyani Rana is a Resident Assistant (RA) at Hedrick Summit 4th floor for the upcoming academic year. We’ve decided this year that we want to take a step forward towards highlighting more students on campus, especially RAs, and Devyani is kind enough to give us some of her time to answer our wacky questions. Without further ado:

Based on your appearance, what year and major do most people assume you are? And what are you actually?
I’ve been asked if I’m a First Year student a few days ago, actually. I guess looks can be very misleading as this is going to be my third year here at UCLA and I’m currently a Business Economics pre-major.

Besides the free housing and swipes on swipes, what else made you want to become an RA?
Honestly, I didn’t even know what ORL (now, Residential Life) was when I applied for an ORL position. A friend of mine practically pushed me to fill out every ORL form possible. When I got to be a part of the On Campus Housing Council as the Internal Vice President (IVP), I didn’t want my ORL experience to stop and that’s why I continued to apply for what seemed to the most natural next step. The fact that I can be a resource to Residents, especially since Summit has such a large First Year population, is just an added bonus.

If you had 100,000 dollars, what event would you throw for The Hill this year?
If I had a $100,000, I would probably use it for a celebrity concert even though in a perfect world I would use it to increase Hill-wide awareness on safety and security of the residents.

If you could travel back in time to high school freshman you, what would you tell yourself about college?
Don’t plan it too much. Just have fun!

You’ve received a meal coupon for any restaurant in Westwood. Where are you running to?
I’ve been dying to try out fundamental LA so that’s where I’m going!

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you at UCLA? (Ignore the fact that all of your friends and strangers will now know this fact about you).
Oh, so many! The most embarrassing one would be a classic “wind against dress” situation wherein I had to practically clutch on to the bottom half of my dress for dear life and walk all the way from Bruin Walk till De Neve.

If you were photographed by the guy from Humans of New York, what would be your inspiring cool (or sad) story?
If I was photographed by Brandon I would give him the following quote – ‘I have lived (and continue living during breaks) in a part of the world that has seen a lot of violence and terror. Peace may seem overrated and banal to many people, but you only realize how important it is when you don’t have it. So cherish your peace of mind, body and soul because there are people in the world who unfortunately don’t have the same luxury.’


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